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Rhino Trekking
The Sun and the Endangered

Namibia is home to the largest concentration of Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and a large number of these Rhinoceros are outside the National parks, but tuck away deep in the remote parts of the Namib Desert.

It is the rugged and unforgiving landscape of this waterless desert wilderness that made it not easy to access this uninhabited wilderness and is the very reason that you still find free roaming Black Rhinoceros here. However as transportation improved and with modern technology these free roaming Rhinoceros become very vulnerable in their isolated desert environment. It would be for a good cause to travel with us into to these areas, making it harder for poachers to operate without being spotted.

The Namib Desert is the oldest in the word and the vegetation had plenty of time to adapt to the harsh desert environment making the best of the slightest possibility to capture moisture. This makes it even more incredible to find wildlife the size of a Black Rhino in the desert. To find sufficient food to fodder on, the Rhino had to venture vast distances and eat very selectively on the scarce and scattered vegetation. The Black Rhino live a solitary life and only occasionally meet with other Rhino’s and to find a Black Rhino in this endless landscape we need the better part of the day to search for the most resent tracks to follow it. It is likely that we might also have to hike a while before can view the Rhino from a safe distance.

Because there is no official accommodation in this area, Etangola Namib Desert Tours have to setup temporary camps in the area. These camps offer all the comfort expected, scrumptious food, warm and comfortable beds, shower and secluded toilet. Relax at the campfire, fall asleep while counting the stars and listen to the sounds of the night.

Our camps are in well-selected locations not to disturb the movements of the desert dwelling wildlife. It offers a pictures view of the landscape with unforgettable sunrise and sunsets. Your host and guide will prepare tasty meals on the open campfire that toped of the best restaurants in the country. We share our stories under the starry night sky before you tuck away in your cosy comfortable bed.
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