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You must probably be wondering where the name "Etangola" comes from...

Etangola is derived from the word "Etango", which means sun/light
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Just like the age old Welwitschia, Etangola Namib Desert Tours thrives and blooms in the scorched Namib Desert where others falter.

Our Tours
Fun in the Sand - Full Day Tour
  • Fun in the Sand
  • (+/-) 8 Hours
  • N$ 2000 pp
  • Likely the most informative activity when at the Namibian coast, also known as the Skeleton Coast. A closer look at the Little Creatures living in the desert and the opportunity to Sand Board down the Namib Dunes at Sandwich Harbour, where the mighty Atlantic Rollers kiss the towering Namib Sand Dunes, topped off with an exciting Dune-Drive.
  • Sand and Sea - Sandwich Harbor
  • (+/-) 4 Hours
  • N$ 1500 pp
  • Namibia is known as the land of contrast and this is very obvious with the landscape at Sandwich Harbor. Here the Namib dunes tower hundreds of meters out of the Atlantic Ocean. This is where the mighty waves of the Atlantic meet the endless Namib Sand Sea. It is a breathtaking landscape that is not likely to be matched anywhere else.
Sand and Sea - Sandwich Harbor - Half Day Tour

Our Safaris
Sun, Sand, and Rock Paintings - Damaraland
  • Sun, Sand and Rock Paintings
  • Damaraland
  • An adventurous and exciting route between Twyfelfontein and the Skeleton Coast, part of Damaraland. This safari is filled with interesting rock formations, petrified trees, rock paintings, ancient ruins and the opportunity to find the illusive Desert Elephants and endangered Black Rhinoceros.
  • Track the Endangered
  • Rhino Trekking (On the trail of the Endangered)
  • Namibia is home to the largest concentration of Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). Some of these Rhinoceros are tucked away deep in the remote parts of the Namib Desert. It is the rugged and unforgiving landscape of this waterless desert that made it difficult to access this unforgivable habit. This is the very reason why you still find the free roaming Black Rhinoceros here.
Track the Endangered - Rhino Trekking (On the trail of the Endangered)
Tracks in the Sand - Desert Elephant
  • Tracks in the Sand
  • Desert Elephant
  • Like so many wonders found in Namibia, the Desert Elephant is one of these wonders. Damaraland and Kaokoland is well known for the Desert adapted Elephant. To see these giants trending through the scorching desert leaves you with only more admiration for this mighty animal.
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