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About Us

Etangola Namib Desert Tours thrives to offers tours in a professional, personal and hands on manner. Our Guides are knowledgeable, their conversation and engaging personalities ensure for a memorable tour.

We prefer the routes less traveled bringing us closer to nature and the wilderness.

We plan our Tours and Safaris to be adventurous and memorable but always with the safety of our guest in mind. Over the past 18 years Etangola Namib Desert Tours has conducted tours all over Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls and beyond.

Our Guides are expert naturalists with a deep knowledge of the history, geology, ecology and indigenous cultures of Namibia and Botswana, but especially the Namib Desert. We know the Desert in a manner that allows us not only to show you the famed highlights, but also hidden secret spots, from trails to viewpoints, that aren't so obvious to the casual visitor. With lots of special stops and surprises up our sleeves, our Guides share a side of the desert with you that most travelers never see.

Our knowledge and experience of the remote parts of the Namib Desert, especially areas like Kaokoland, Damaraland and the Namib Naukluft Park makes us the ideal choice for an exciting safari in Namibia. Etangola Namib Desert Tours is based in Swakopmund where the gently rolling dunes of the Namib Desert slip below the wildly Atlantic rollers.

Swakopmund lies at the Edge of Beyond, where the Known merges with the Unknown, where the old and familiar civilizations of Europe and the West end, giving way to the Desert, the Bush, the vast empty plains, and the elemental cultures of Africa. - Prof Richard Logan, University of California, (1968), and “Two Beards and a Saint” the best coffee in Swakopmund.

With international flights to Walvis Bay, a mere 30km from Swakopmund makes Swakopmund the ideal destination to start and finish a Namib Desert Safari.
Just like the age old Welwitschia, Etangola Namib Desert Tours thrives and blooms in the scorched Namib Desert where others falter.